"Apple" relinquishes control over phone repair. The firm announced the debut of a "parts self-repair service."

 "Apple" relinquishes control over phone repair. The firm announced the debut of a "parts self-repair service."

Apple has announced the launch of a "self-repair" parts program that will allow customers to repair their devices using Apple-branded parts and tools. The business has stated that the new program would debut in early 2022, initially focusing on the most commonly changed parts, including as screens, batteries, and cameras, before expanding to other repair options later in the year.

This decision comes after Apple was known in the past for its strict control over the repair process, which was limited to Apple stores and authorized service providers, according to a report published by the American Wall Street Journal on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

What will that entail?

The new Apple software will be limited to the iPhone 12 and 13 production lines at first, before being expanded to Mac computers with Apple's latest M1 CPUs.

The program is just for "technical experts with experience and knowledge of fixing electrical equipment," according to the corporation, and the bulk of users will still need to go to a professional repair shop.

Any Apple device owner, on the other hand, can register their gadget online with the correct serial number and obtain parts for self-repair.

The company claims that it will not verify that the applicant understands the details of the repair, but it will ask him to agree to terms and conditions, including the potential of voiding the warranty if harm happens during the repair process.

According to Apple, while there will be no phone number to call for technical support in the event of an issue, device owners can stop the self-repair process in the middle and take their devices to the Apple Store for assistance; at an additional cost, of course.

What about the expenses?

Apple will announce prices next year, but stated that it intends to sell parts at the same prices as they are currently offered at independent repair centers, allowing customers to save on labor costs. Apple also stated that the required parts will be shipped for free, but the repair process itself may require special tools. It will be provided at an additional expense by the company.

Customers who return the damaged parts to the company after their gadget has been repaired will receive a tiny percentage of the purchase price back.

The service will not have a big impact on the bulk of the company's users, according to Jane Munster, technical analyst and managing partner at investment firm Loup Ventures.

According to the same spokesman, Apple will relieve strain on its stores' "Genius Bar" sections, but technical assistance areas may become more congested as a result of consumers who fail while attempting to repair their devices themselves.

"The majority of consumers don't want to fix their phones," Munster remarked. "This service is highly speculative, and it is designed to appeal to a very tiny group of device owners."

According to reports, Apple's self-repair service will be expanded to other nations over the next year. The company also stated that it was working on other measures to increase repair service accessibility.

Apple's chief operations officer stated, "Over the last three years, Apple has increased the number of service facilities that can acquire original parts, tools, and training from Apple." "And now we have a new alternative for consumers who wish to repair their own gadgets."

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