Hyundai i30 N: A Nearly New Buying Guide 2022

 Hyundai i30 N: A Nearly New Buying Guide 2022

A top-of-the-line, sensibly constructed, and truly appealing Hyundai hot hatch might have been considered a stretch not long ago, but the Korean automaker defied conventional thinking in 2018 when it unveiled the i30 N, a sportier version of its clever but practical i30 family hatchback.

It also worked. Hyundai's Volkswagen Golf GTI rival was immediately impressive and purposeful, with features like electronically adjustable suspension, launch control, an automatic rev-matching function, and an overboost facility for quick overtaking.

A turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine sits beneath its stubby and attractive bonnet, and it comes in two flavors: a standard 247bhp version and a 271bhp Performance variant with upgraded brakes, stickier tyres, and an electronic limited-slip differential that helps to meter out the power in tight corners. On the more powerful i30 N, an active exhaust system sounds great and even creates popping sounds when you take off the throttle.

Even on difficult roads, the handling is incredibly composed. Adaptive dampers are standard on every i30 N, and they can be slackened to their most forgiving level without sacrificing body control. Even a small ripple in the middle of a corner has minimal effect on the car's stability. In Comfort mode, the steering is progressive and adds weight in a linear manner, while the brakes are powerful and offer you confidence when confronting a difficult road.

Apart from some purposeful-looking sports seats, the i30 N's interior isn't much different from its less expensive siblings, however the infotainment system is quick and easy to use, and all the controls are sensibly laid out and everything feels well built. It doesn't have the same premium interior feel as the Golf GTI, but that's understandable given the i30 N's lower price.

However, the i30 N isn't as practical as its competitors, thanks to a cramped boot and a (removed) chassis brace behind the rear seats that can become a hindrance when the rear bench is folded flat. Although headroom is adequate, rear passengers don't get quite as much leg room as they do in the Honda Civic Type R. Those in the front seats will have plenty of legroom, while the driver will have plenty of seat and steering wheel flexibility. Also standard on the Performance are electric seats.

There's also a sleeker Fastback version, which debuted in 2019, in the five-door coupé form, for individuals who don't want a boxy hatch. While the i30 N hatchback is available in both versions, the Fastback is only available in Performance.

All variants of the i30 N have the same used prices. A 2018 model will set you back roughly £22,000, a 2019 model will set you back between £23,000 and £25,000, and a 2020 model will set you back between £25,000 and £27,000.


Feel for misfires and poor performance in the engine, which could be caused by malfunctioning high-pressure fuel pumps or, in certain cases, loose battery contacts.

Transmission Check that gear shifts are smooth (new gear assemblies and synchroniser rings helped certain cars with troublesome fifth and sixth gears) and that the clutch isn't worn out.

Body Examine it for signs of a collision (overspray, insufficient panel gaps, 'orange peel').

Interior Examine the harsh, scratchy plastics for signs of wear. Make sure there are no problems with the alarm system and that the wiring beneath the front of the headlining near the inside lighting does not rattle or buzz. Rips can also be heard where the glass and dashboard meet in older cars.

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