Mazda CX-30: A Nearly New Buying Guide 2022

 Mazda CX-30: A Nearly New Buying Guide

Despite not being dubbed the CX-4, this beautiful Mazda sits between the CX-3 crossover and the CX-5 big SUV. After all, what's in a name? The CX-30's objective, even if its identity isn't, is to provide all of the good attributes of those two cars in a more modern family SUV-sized package. And, for the most part, it achieves wonderfully in that goal.

There are a variety of interesting engines to pick from, as one would expect from Mazda. It comes with two 2.0-litre petrol engines that don't have turbocharging but use mild-hybrid technology, which combines a small electric motor and battery to increase fuel efficiency and engine response at low speeds.

SE-L, SE-L Lux, Sport Lux, GT Sport, and GT Sport Tech are the five trim levels available for the CX-30. Automatic lighting and wipers, adaptive cruise control, air conditioning, and a head-up display are all standard.

On the road, the Skyactiv-G engine delivers adequate power, while the more powerful Skyactiv-X (which employs groundbreaking compression-ignition technology to improve fuel economy) feels a little faster, though you'll have to put in some effort to notice the difference. Neither engine can compete with the versatility of turbocharged engines offered in other small SUVs.

The CX-30 fidgets on rutted city streets, and every pothole sends a thud through your seat. Even if you're driving fast on the highway, road imperfections will trickle up to your behind.

The automobile, on the other hand, is at ease in corners with minimal body lean. If you drive it hard enough, it will lose front-end grip faster than one or two of its competitors.

The interior quality of the CX-30 is where it really shines: no competitor comes close to matching its exquisite solidity. There's a lot of squishy, expensive-looking materials on the dashboard, and there's a lot of leatherette trim. It's a lovely place to be when you add some nice chrome trim to the mix. Play around with the switches and see what you can come up with.

All models have an 8.8-inch centrally positioned infotainment display with shortcut buttons and an ergonomic rotary controller mounted between the seats.

It also features nice old-fashioned buttons and knobs for the heating and stereo, so once you've familiarized yourself with them, you can find all the controls by feel alone. So there'll be no touchscreen crap here.

Up front, there's lots of room and a good driving position, but back-seat passengers have to deal with narrow door apertures and tight space. The boot is also quite modest by family SUV standards.


Feel for cylinder deactivation-related vibrations in the engine. Updates to the powertrain control module may be able to cure it if it is present (PCM).

Electrical Check that all features, such as stop/start, power windows, auto lock/unlock, and key recognition, are functioning properly (the last may be a tired or faulty fob battery).

Body Examine the underbelly for damage and scrapes produced by erroneous off-roading.

Interior Look for rattles around the driver's side door. The owners have a variety of theories, none of which are serious.

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