Step-by-step instructions Learn how to save Twitter videos to your computer.

 Step-by-step instructions Learn how to save Twitter videos to your computer.

You've probably noticed that there's no built-in option for downloading videos on Twitter, and you've probably observed this while trying to download a video from Twitter. Fortunately, downloading videos from Twitter on Android smartphones, iPhones, and even desktops is simple.

What is the best way to download videos from Twitter?
Sites that Provide Free Downloads

Free video download sites abound on the Internet, and the majority of them operate in the same way:

Get the link to the Tweet with the video you wish to download by copying it from the address bar (on computers) or selecting "Copy Tweet Link" from the "Share" option at the bottom of the Tweet.
In any browser, go to the download site, enter the link into the Tweet URL area, and click Download.
If the download does not begin automatically, choose "Save Link As" by right-clicking (for PC users) or clicking and holding (for smartphone users) on the Download Video button.

TechStory and Make Tech Easier both recommended a number of download sources, including:

Twitter videos are being downloaded by bots on the internet.

Twitter bots, or automated Twitter accounts, aid in the download of videos. This strategy works on both phones and computers.

In a Tweet about the video you wish to download, mention @downloaderbot, @Getvideobot, or @Getvide, and include a link to the download bot account.
The download bot will send you a Tweet with the video when the download link is ready. To access the link in a browser, simply click on it.
Click the "Download" button after selecting the video.
The disadvantage of this strategy is that it allows everyone to see that you asked to download the video, so you might want to delete your Tweet when you've finished watching it.

Chrome extensions can be used to download Twitter videos.
The Macra technology website includes a set of instructions for downloading videos from Twitter using Chrome extensions.
Video Downloader Plus, Video Downloader Professional, Twitter Media Assist, or Twitter Media Downloader are the most well-known Google Chrome extensions, and they all work in a similar way; all you need is:
Install the Chrome browser extension.
Choose the Tweet from which you wish to download the video and play it.
The video clip available for download will be presented when you click on the extension icon.
The video will be saved to your Downloads folder after you click "Start" next to the specified video quality.

Shortcuts on the iPhone

You can also utilize the shortcuts to download Twitter videos straight from your iPhone's Share Sheet/Shortcuts.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Apple Shortcuts app.
Install the TVDL app's shortcut to download Twitter videos. then select "Get Shortcut" from the drop-down menu.
You'll find it in the Shortcuts app's My Shortcuts bar after installation.
Tap the "Share" icon below the Tweet you want to save, then "Share via."
Select "TVDL" from the shortcut menu. Choose the video quality and grant the appropriate permissions. The video will begin to download.

Take the audio out of a Twitter video

If you simply want the audio recording, you can either download the video as described above and then utilize audio extraction services like zamzar, or use video conversion tools like Online Video Converter, where you can place the tweet straight on the site and choose to download as MP3.

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