truck accident lawyer

 truck accident lawyer

truck accident lawyer

Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney

Accident involving a truck, including big rig tractor trailers or eighteen-wheelers, are typically more substantial than the average car accident. Unfortunately, semi-truck accidents cause a considerable number of injuries and even deaths every year. With their tremendous power and size, large trucks are one of the biggest threats that passenger cars have to deal with on a regular basis.

Los Angeles drivers are not unfamiliar with large trucks given the considerable volume of goods transported across the state every day. However, when these trucks cause an accident for any reason, a skilled truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles attorney can hold them liable for financial damages.

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Because of the greater risks, truck drivers are held to a stricter legal standard when driving than other motorists, and it is important that you have a Los Angeles truck accident attorney who understands the legal “weak spots” in the defense of a truck driving accident, and who is knowledgeable about what kinds of information and documentation to ask for in pretrial proceedings.  For instance, certain state and federal statutes govern how trucks are maintained and how often they are to be inspected.  When truck drivers and trucking companies fail to abide by these regulations and cause an accident, they can be held accountable for an injury claim for the truck accident victims.

Our firm works to recover compensation for all types of truck accidents cases, including Underride Accidents, Rollover Accidents, and:

The considerable size and weight of semi-trucks can easily cause an accident involving a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle to result in serious, even fatal, injuries. A dedicated Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from our firm understands that liability for a truck accident can rest with not only with the driver of the trailer, but even with the owner of the container being transported, or the owner of the freight. If you or a loved one were a truck accident victim, and was involved in a serious accident with a commercial truck, it may be possible to recover financial compensation for your injuries by filing an injury claim against the responsible parties.

Common Types of Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Causes

Truck drivers often choose to drive longer than they should in order to make their deadlines. It is no surprise, therefore, that the leading cause of truck accidents nationwide. The considerable mass of the average semi-truck means a collision with a passenger vehicle can leave the latter seriously damaged. You need to speak with a highly-qualified Los Angeles truck accident attorney to learn what your rights are when a semi-truck injures you in an accident.

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani has five decades of combined legal experience in advocating for the rights of truck accident victims, and we have won considerable compensation for our clients. We know what is at stake when you are hurt and we fight in and out of court to recover fair compensation for all truck accident cases. Look to us to ensure your rights and work with your best interests in mind.

Many factors can contribute to a truck accident. Our firm can work to find the underlying causes in order to hold the truck driver liable for your losses.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recognizes the following leading causes of truck accidents:

  • Overloaded Trucks: Vehicles loaded beyond their rated weight are more at risk of blown tires, brake problems, and rollovers. Drivers may have difficulty steering the or slowing down. Unstable cargo can cause the driver to suddenly lose control.

  • DUIs: An FMCSA study found illegal drugs contributed to 2% of truck crashes, while over-the-counter drug use contributed to 17% of accidents. Driving under the influence is associated with excessive speed, inattention, and making improper maneuvers.

  • Rear-End Collisions: Trucks are much heavier and require a significantly greater stopping distance than a car, especially at highway speeds. At 65 miles per hour, a typical passenger car needs 316 feet to stop, while a semi-truck requires 525 feet.

  • Defective Products: A product defect can impact the performance of brakes, steering components, wheels, tires, and even airbags. In such cases, a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles may hold the product manufacturer or installer accountable.

  • Rollovers: Driver error or negligence is often a factor. Rollover accidents are often attributed to speed, steep inclines, turning, impacts with objects, hitting a curb, drifting, or a sudden vehicle correction.

  • Trucks vs. Motorcycles: A truck has a large blind spot spanning several vehicles. Given the small size of the motorcycle and size/weight of the truck, serious injuries and fatalities are not uncommon when both collide.

  • Driver Fatigue

  • Insufficient driver training

  • Insufficient truck maintenance or mechanical failure

Because truck accidents have many more moving parts than a typical passenger vehicle accident, you need to retain a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney who knows everything involved in holding the liable party or parties accountable.

Truck Accident Injuries

The massive weight of the average semi-truck or tractor trailer can translate into serious and life-threatening injuries in the case of an accident. Thousands lose their lives in such accidents each year, and those who survive can be left with catastrophic injuries from which they may never fully recover.

Victims of truck accidents can suffer from a wide range of injuries.

Common injuries reported after such an accident include:

Our skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney will waste no time in investigating your case, including reviewing the police report and all medical documentation related to your treatment.

Truck Accident FAQs

Aggressive Truck Accident Lawyer: Holding Liable Parties Accountable

Truck drivers are federally mandated to carry a certain amount of insurance, depending on the nature of cargo being hauled. California demands tractor trailer trucks to carry a much higher minimum liability insurance policy as opposed to the average passenger vehicle. Often, trucking, hauling, and leasing companies can dispute which insurance company is responsible for compensating the victim of truck accidents. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are here to protect your right to compensation if you were injured by a negligent truck driver.

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