Spanish woman survives 12 cancerous tumors

 Spanish woman survives 12 cancerous tumors

In a rare case in the world, a Spanish woman suffered from 12 tumors, five of which were malignant, before she reached the age of 40, and she overcame them all. It is a condition that may help improve early diagnosis and develop new cancer treatments.

Scientists hope that the “amazing” case of a woman who survived 12 tumors in different organs will help “cure cancer,” according to “Russia Today.”

The patient, who has not been named, was diagnosed with her first tumor as a child, at the age of two, while the last diagnosis was at 28, and the doctors and scientists who treated her were unable to explain how she managed to survive.

A team at the Spanish National Center for Cancer Research hopes that the study of the “amazing” patient will be a “breakthrough” and pave the way for early diagnosis of cancer, which could save many lives. The team found that a woman's immune system naturally generates a powerful anti-inflammatory response that fights tumors. And they suggest that understanding how to do this could help stimulate the immune system in other patients.

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